We are the laboratory dedicated to analog-film research


  • 8mm、super8mm、16mm底片拍摄及冲洗扫描
  • 老胶片转数字
  • 16mm接触式转印
  • 数字光学转印和胶片设备租赁





Founded in 2017, D.D. RED. Film Lab is the first film laboratory dedicated to analog-film research in China.

We offer services ranging from film ordering, film processing, 2k/4k digitalization, optical contact printing, and equipment rental. The type of film we process are 8mm, super 8mm, and 16mm.

D.D. RED. Film Lab provides more than just high-quality commercial services. It is a platform where film-makers can freely explore the largest possibilities of working with analog freely across China. Our mission is to popularize the knowledge about analog film, and invite researchers, artists, or anyone who’s passionate in image-making to gather or share their ideas and inspiration. We dedicate ourselves to building archive collection, providing research and screening opportunities, leading educational programs and workshops, initiating artistic residencies, and more. To bring a broader view, we are also connecting professional networks around the world.

Whether you are an amateur or professional, artist or film maker, we welcome you to join us where ‘old media’ and new technology intercross. We believe as long as we continue to appreciate the art of film, we will always need analog film to teach us to look carefully and encounter the soul of images.